Palo Alto International Film Festival: Tribute to Muybridge


The Palo Alto Institute will launch the first annual Palo Alto International Film Festival to explore the interplay between art and technology by focusing on the role of new technologies in film entertainment. Over four days, PAIFF will feature 45 films that explore the convergence of art and technology, as well as 30 discussions, panels and workshops led by innovators and industry leaders who will discuss the power of new technologies and the future of filmmaking, gaming, online and media. Devyani Kamdar has been tapped as Executive Director of PAIFF working with a team that includes Alex Ippolite, Managing Director; Alf Seccombe, Programming Director; Anita Mohan, Publications Director; and Kaitlin Sullivan, Art Director. "Palo Alto, the birthplace of motion pictures, site of Eadweard Muybridge’s 1877 photo series Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, is a natural venue for a film festival," explains Ippolite. "PAIFF was envisioned as a way to bring film home – film started here. It’s about connecting the storyteller to the audience. It’s about connecting imaginations."

Animation: Cruz deWilde

Modeling: Tim Mayo
Rigging: Christopher Carson

Producer: Alf Seccombe